Saturday, April 7

Brasil Chapter 1: Araraquara

Hi My friends!

Finally I arrived in my beloved Brasil!
Here is the story of what was my easter weekend like...(and first weekend in Brasil too...)
In the countryside of the Sao Paulo State in Araraquara! Great name of a city, great people there!
I have been visiting the family of some friends of mine: Luciana, Elvio, Adriana, Suely and Elvio senior. The weekend in the brasilian fazenda started with meeting the families! Sounds like italian I know. Was great Fun! It is like being in my little village with my grandmather´s family...all people really funny, noisy and willing to talk, eat and drink.
I can´t ask anything more....a great start I would say!

The picture on the top is of the Mascia Family (Great people, really!)

stay tuned!