Sunday, July 15

Back In Dublin 2 - Obrigada Amigos Brasileiros!

Dear friends,

at the end I came back to Dublin after 3 great months in my favourite country (just after Italy, off course ;).

It was hard to come back, the experience was even greater than expected, and that was especially thank to some people I met there (and the old friends I have in Brasil since 1999 when I went there for the first time).

My special thank you go to Luciana, Joao, Talita, Marcelo, Luciano, Carlosa, Katia, Lidiane, Bibiana, Michel, Julia, Claudia, Andrè and all the other great people I met there.

Thank's to you, this was the best time of my life. I'll never forget you, and I sure I'm gonna meet you somewhere in Europe, America or wherever....Friends are friends wherever they are.

To all of you I wanna dedicate this music that remembers me my goodbye to the team...just clik here and listen to the music (open it in a new window)...

Obrigada queridos.

Saudades & Alegria